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Questions you may ask yourself.

Have you got the right materials to pack them?

What’s the quickest and most effective way to do the job?

How do I ensure I pack my items properly for transit and avoid any damage?

If you would like to take all the stress out of packing before you move, Unique Moves Removals Ltd offer a full packing service to help your house move go as smoothly as possible.

Just decide what you would like us to pack, sit back, and we’ll do the rest. We can pack your whole house ready for our removals vans to move you out to your new address or just one room in the house such as the kitchen.

Our team has a great deal of experience in commercial and domestic packing, which has stood the test of time throughout thousands of moves. We have trained specialist staff who are expert packers and know the best way to pack your household items. These are dedicated professionals who know how to ensure your items are packaged to the highest standards ensuring their safety and security as they travel to their new destination.

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We use packing materials made from top quality eco-friendly materials and these materials are specifically designed to look after your personal effects for the duration of transportation. Also, when you use our packing service, everything is covered by our insurance.

Unique Moves Removals really take pride in providing what we feel is the best packing service on the market. Like all of our services, we endeavour to go the extra mile and try our best to provide If you are moving to an area where houses change hands so quickly that only the buyer with cash has a chance of getting the best property, on a temporary assignment abroad or just caught between houses, then our containerised storage could be the answer. A specially adapted van brings up to six containers outside your front door.

Your items are carefully packed into the containers whilst you watch. They are then sealed up using our unique seals which will remain intact until eventual delivery.

In addition to security, this system offers protection from dust and pests like moths and woodworm. Your furniture is only handled once into the container and once out again on delivery.

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